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  1. Welcome! It's always nice to see families bonding over a sport we love. Myself and other members will find it much easier to answer your questions and give better advice is we know what it is you are working with (pics are a definite plus) and what kind of rules you are restricted to. "Open class" means different things in different parts of the country. If you have a list of rules and can post we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.
  2. Last year Northampton getting into the pulloff My run in the pulloff. Cheshire 2015 2013 Canaan street and Enhanced full classes. Head was cracked, made a great pass to get into the pulloff but overheated, ran anyways and came in second in the pulloff (had to rebuild motor after....but it was the last pull of the year) Throwback to 2008 when I drove it from the paint booth to the pull with no time to put traction bars back in...
  3. A new house has put the halt on a new motor, so just installing upgrade parts I've aquired over the years (and never got around to installing), and adding front shields/loops.
  4. I run a crossover steering setup in my 80 K20 (I too prefer the 3/4 ton frame to a 1 ton), paired with a custom hydraulic assist setup (it's a "Redneck Ram" cylinder from West Texas Offroad, paired with streeing box parts from DIY4X for the ports instead of drilling/tapping the box, and local hydraulic shop hoses). Works good turning 35" rubber with a welded front and locked rear. Before I put the 496 in I ran it on the street with my old 454 and it worked great (I did notice it being a little slower, but nothing major).
  5. I run a Flex a Lite 298 in my 80 with a 496 and have no heat issues. I ran a mechanical fan both with V belt and then with serpentine (reverse rotation), but didn't like the fan spinning so fast. I eventually went electric because our class required that or a 360 degree shield which would have been a PITA. I'm glad I went electric fan though as it nice to be able to run them with the truck off. I now have a custom idler (because I run the GM Performance parts serpentine setup) and switched to electric water pump as well. The electric fan was nice because I could run it after shut
  6. Forgot to mention, I've been lucky enough (mostly for work trainings and family visits) to have visited 42 of the lower 48 states and have spoken to truck pullers in each of those states as well as have been able to attend events large/small. I've gotten to see and discuss how groups do things differently and see how things work or don't work for particular groups. It's amazing what you'll hear when people see (via your license) that you're from another part of the country and "not a threat". I've probably learned just as much from other regions, as I have from my own local clubs. One t
  7. Just wanted to say hello and give fellow members a little bit of background. My personal background: I’m a 40 year old male that works 3rd shift as a Clinical Engineer (Biomed) at a local health system, has a side business doing lawncare (which is decreasing as I get older), and have a passion for the sport of truck pulling. I’ve been truck pulling for 22+ years but have been a fan of the sport as far back as I can remember. I was a member of Truckpullers.com under its last iteration, and was excited to see Chad not only bring it back to life but breathe new life into it as well and mak
  8. We run 4 "gas" classes for championships. It starts with Street Legal Gas, Enhanced Gas, Superstock, then 4WD modified (which is the only class based on NTPA rules, the others are our own). Part of me likes the dominance clause, the other part of me doesn't. If you dominate Street Legal you are forced to Enhanced, dominate that and you are forced to Superstock, if you dominate that you are forced to Mod. Some people are unwilling to hack up their truck to go to the next class so they quit. I still feel there is a "hypothetical" set of rules that would keep competition fair without bein
  9. There goes all my free time.......but I love it
  10. Cost has always been a relative thing in this sport. I am lucky enough to have a very close friend who builds performance engines for a living and have gotten used parts and machining for very cheap (my motors would cost 2-3 times as much if I had to buy them elsewhere). I've found that most people who stay with the sport either have access to good parts cheap, cheap knowhow (especially suspension knowhow), or have the funds where it doesn't matter (they can keep writing checks). I've pulled with guys that have NO common sense or mechanical ability but they can afford the best of everything
  11. True, two 500 CID engines (same platform) can be worlds apart in HP/TQ (I see it on the dyno all the time). That said, while I can get 800HP out of either, it's much easier and CHEAPER to get it out of a 500 CID BBC than a 427 CID SBC. Every group I've been a part of and/or watched has ultimately shot themselves in the foot in the feeder classes. Guys/gals keep pushing the rules wanting more (often by using the justification that it will allow more trucks). While the base of allowable trucks increases (and you would think class size would increase), it actually has the opposite effec
  12. Hi guys, just looking to get some feedback on what your local club(s) run for an "organized" entry level gas class with rules. It seems that from location to location there can be quite a bit of differences but other times a few tweaks here and there would allow for several clubs to pull together. Just wondering if you could post your location, organization name (if there is one), class name, and the rules they require. It would be interesting to see how close (or how far) the rules are to see if possibly groups could come together. I'll start: Location: Massachusetts Organization

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