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  1. if you have a clutch fan power savings is not that much to worry about. if fan runs off water pump, u save wear on water pump bearings and seals at high rpm, and going ele i view as a safety upgrade. no longer are u spinning a fan and shaft at excessive rpms.
  2. steering, depends on what way you wanna go. factory is just that, semi hydro with a gear box or full hydro with cyl?
  3. i run a half ton frame, i prefer the flex and it helps it hook with my slightly shorter wheelbase. havent had and issues with bending or cracking for over 5 years now. front is stiffened for weight box but thats bout it. keep in mind im pretty stripped and pull a drawbar. if your reese style like my old stock truck i prefer the heavier one ton frame to keep ridgid. work stock with no front weights and a factory hitch, rear does most of the pulling with less than half the help of the front. keeping it stiffer helps keep front down at the same time helping transfer better weight to the r

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