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  1. A big thanks to the crew at R.F. today,great track,great day.The track was very good,hard but great bite.And a nice big clean open facility. Thanks again. Paul H. View the full article
  2. Red Cedar Pullers will be hosting there last pull of the season on Aug 12th @ 6pm. Off the Lawn garden tractors to start @ 3:30. RCPA WEIGHT CLASSES Virgin Farm Stock – 5500 Farm Stock – 4,700, 5,700, 6,700, 7,700, 9,500, 10,500, 11,000 Improved Farm – 4750, 5,750, 6,750 Hot Farm Light – 5800, 6200 Limited Light Super Stock – 6,200, 6,500 Light Super Stock – 6,500, 7,300 Modified – 6,000, 6,300 Open Truck – 8,000 Improved Stock Trucks – 5,700, 6,200 Econo-Mod – 5,200, 5,500 Unlimited Modified - 7,200 CLASS PAYOUT Unlimited Mod – Modified – Light Super Stock – Light Limited Super Stock – Open Truck 1st $150.00, 2nd $75.00, 3rd $50.00 Econo-Mod – Improved Farm Classes – Light Hot Farm 1st $100.00, 2nd $75.00, 3rd $50.00 Farm Classes – Improved Stock Truck 1st $75.00, 2nd $50.00, 3rd $25.00 Virgin Farm Stock 100% payout of hook fees Farm Stock Weight Classes: 4,700 lbs (4 mph) 5,700 lbs (4 mph) 6,700 lbs (4 mph) 7,700 lbs (10 mph) 9,500 lbs (10 mph) 10,500 lbs (10 mph) 11,000 lbs (10 mph) No duals Improved stock trucks will be a WWTP points event. For more info check out our website [www.redcedarpullers.com] View the full article
  3. The Crittenden County Lions Club will be having their annual truck/tractor pull, featuring USA Pullers on July 29, 2017, 7pm, at the fairgrounds, 242 Club Drive, Marion, KY. Featuring: 6,000 lb Mixed Tractors 13,500 lb Farm Stock (12MPH) Hot Farm (Small Block) Hot Farm (Big Block) Super Stock Tractors Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Super Farm Tractors Local Classes: 12,000 lb Farm Stock (10MPH) 13,500 lb Farm Stock (10MPH) Pro Street Gas Trucks Street Diesel Trucks Contact: Jared Belt 270-871-4502 View the full article
  4. Photos from America's Pull in Henry, IL are Posted. America's Pull Henry View the full article
  5. Here's pictures from the USA Pullers event in LaCenter, KY... LaCenter Pictures View the full article
  6. The Parke County fair will be holding two nights of pulling. Monday, July 24 will be Indiana Pulling League (hot farm, limited pro, hot rod) and 13,000lbs and 15,000lbs tractors. The second night will be Tuesday, July 25. Tuesday will be a non sancationed truck and tractor pull. Class will be 5,500lbs, 6,500lbs, Outlaw Antique, 9,500lbs, 10,500lbs, and 12,500 lbs tractors. Trucks will be gas open, 2.6 diesel, open diesel, and open trucks. For more information contact Tyler Cooper (765) 376-7678 View the full article
  7. Click hereView the full article
  8. I have a small request for any FWD Truck and Light Pro Stock puller running the region 2 circuit (or any local GN Pullers). I am the promoter with the Lynn Indiana Lions Club truck and tractor pulls. I am trying to convince our club to move up from the state level and do a region 2 pull. If they were to see the potential of a region 2 class, that might be the extra motivation they need to bump up. I am sending out this open invite. If you have never been to our pull, we would love to have you. If you have in the past,come on back! Saturday September 9th is the date. Hope you can make it out! View the full article
  9. Pictures for the Super Pro Showdown at Jerseyville, IL are now posted on both Facebook and the website. Super Pro Showdown View the full article
  10. I can't remove if the NTPA start up there pro national series again. I thought they did but I don't ever hear anything about it. Does anybody know. View the full article
  11. Inwood, Iowa July 4, 2017 3000rpm results Open Farm 6700 1. Lance VanDerWeerd IH1066 Buckshot 294’.57” 2. Marv Huisman AC210 Orange Frustration 284’.90” 3. Bill Jensen Ford TD95D Blue Angel 232’.33” Open Farm 7500 1. Tom VanDerWeerd IH1066 Buckshot 305’.89” 2. Tyler Franken MF5465 She Said No 304’.30” 3. LaRohn Hagena JD4255 Deere Addiction 303’.58” 4. Jeff Blankespoor IH786 Lucky 7 301’.74” 5. Jesse Pollema IH966 Burning Binder 299’.64” 6. Marv Huisman AC210 Orange Frustration 292’.27” Open Farm 8500 1. Leon Franken MF5465 She Said No 301’.28” 2. LaRohn Hagena JD4255 Deere Addiciton 300’.87” 3. Mike Nieuwboer IH1066 Black Stripe Bandit 300’.41” 4. Terry Short IH966 Midnight Rider 300’.15” 5. Dan Klapprodt IH966 Full Throttle Farmall 300’.10” 6. Allen Klapprodt IH966 the Legend 299’.95” 7. Junior DeYager JD4040 Support Our Troops 296’.47” 8. Jacob Pollema IH966 Burning Binder 292’.94” 9. Dan Blankespoor IH3688 Scrap Iron Express 290’.89” 10.Kendall Helmers IH706 Hi Tech Hooker 289’.10” 11.Chad Berentschot JD4430 Won't Back Down 273’.84” 12.Jeff Blankespoor IH786 Lucky 7 272’.05” Open Farm 9500 1. Allen Klapprodt IH966 The Legend 308’.45” 2. Dan Klapprodt IH966 Full Throttle Farmall 303’.69” 3. Tim Blankespoor IH3688 Scrap Iron Express 302’.46” 4. Terry Short IH966 Midnight Rider 300’.94” 5. Junior DeYager JD4040 Support Our Troops 300’.31” 6. Chad Berentschot JD4430 Won't Back Down 300’.26” 7. Clayton VandenHoek JD4455 Precious Moments 297’.37” 8. Kendall Helmers IH706 Hi-Tech Hooker 290’.38” 9. Mike Nieuwboer IH1066 Black Stripe Bandit 89’.22” 10.Kyle Hoffman IH1466 Wild Hare 9’.88” Open Farm 10,500 1. Keith VandenHoek JD4455 Precious Moments 286’.74” 2. Kyle Hoffman IH1466 Wild Hare 281’.62” View the full article
  12. Please note central standard time start. Out of field classes 13K single tires, 25K fwd duals, factory pump, no cut tires, factory drawbar, speed limit, max drawbar height 20", Farm stock 12K NA, 12K 8mph, 12K 12mph. ORVTPA 9500 hot farm. Contact 812-459-9675 or 812-455-5346. WIll post physical address of fairgrounds later. View the full article
  13. Watch on Facebook with this linkView the full article
  14. Grant County Fair Truck & Tractor Pull in Lancaster, WI Saturday August 19th, 2017 Start Time - 6:00PM One Hook Only South Central Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Classes: 5,000lb N/A Open 5,500lb N/A Limited 6,250lb LLST Pro Farm Class Grant County Classes: 8,500lb Non Turbo, 18.4 Tires 9,000lb Modified Farm 11,500lb Too Hot To Farm, 20.8 Tires, 3000 RPM 12,500lb Farm Stock w/ Turbo, 20.8 Tires; 10mph 15,000lb Farm Stock w/ Turbo, 20.8 Tires; 10mph Street Legal Diesel - No Traction Bars, has to be single fuel and has to be licensed. All Street legal diesel trucks must be registered by 6PM to Pull. Registration starts at 5:00PM with trucks pulling first at 6:00PM For more information on the above hooks contact Jeremy Reuter 563-590-2616 Also.. Dairyland Antique Tractor Pull Classes: 3600lbs 3850lbs 4100lbs 4600lbs 5100lbs 5600lbs 6100lbs 7100lbs View the full article
  15. The flyer says Knox and surrounding counties. I have been told to ignore that. All tractors are welcome to pull. Knox county fairgrounds located on Hwy 67. 6000 antique (59 and older), 12K NA, 12K 8mph, 12K open, 12K 14mph, ORVTPA Hot farm. Fair office 812-735-2344. Other info 812-881-7215, 812-890-2625 View the full article