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  1. Sick Setup Saturday! Show us yours and tag someone that needs this 6 door and toy hauler. #long #cantturnaround #kingoftheroad Source
  2. Thank for the pic and comment Michael Truitt. Definitely a clean OBS. “Only the best for my girl! #OptiLube“ Source
  3. CONTEST TIME!!! WIN SOME OPTI-LUBE!How many 4/8 oz Bottle Caps are in the 5 Gallon bucket? -You must “SHARE” this post and comment in the “ORIGINAL” post on our page. -Winner gets a 6 pack or 8 pack of their choice with Opti-Box and an Opti-Lube shirt. -Only 1 Guess per person will be considered. #freestuff #howmanycaps #XPD #optilube #1dieselfueladditive Source
  4. Didnt go very well for this truck or the Dyno operator today. Broken arm, rib and toe. Just happy it wasn’t any worse. Stay safe out there! #dyno #badtirebad #diesel #staysafe 1374 HP Ultimate Diesel Throwdown Patriot Diesels Source
  5. 57 or 82? What would you rather drive? @Uintah Basin Car Show #12valvepower #Cumminsswap #interstingintercooler #2dooror4door Source
  6. Look for ‘Prime Day’ discounts on a few Opti-Lube products this Monday and Tuesday. https://www.amazon.com/opti-lube #primeday #optilube #1dieselfueladditive Source
  7. Hope your 4th is going as well as this robots bowling game. #strike #wow #besafeoutthere STRIKE! Introducing the BowlBot 5000… Source
  8. FUEL PRICES FRIDAY! The way it should be. What are you paying?? #cheaperthangas #stillneedsoptilube #gotradeinthegasser #1dieselfueladditive Source
  9. Proud to support the Siskiyou Dieselfest 2019. Wish we could be there but they will have XPD samples to hand out at the show. We can’t Forget about the Best Diesel Fuel additive on the market that just signed on board with us as a sponsor for #siskiyoudieselfest2019 !!! Thank you @optilube for the support of the 5th annual #siskiyoudieselfest #siskiyoudieselperformance Source
  10. New Ram EcoDiesel can pull 12,560 pounds? That’s a pretty big trailer for a 1/2 ton truck. Diesel News 6-17-19 Truck of the Week Ram’s EcoDiesel Back on Top In response to GM’s release of its half-ton diesel’s power figures (the inline-six 3.0L destined for 2020 models), Ram dropped a bomb of its own. Source
  11. It’s a Giveaway! Have Amazon Prime? Click the link and you could win FREE Opti-Lube. https://amzn.to/2FaKg8J Source
  12. FORD-GM or GM-FORD? What do you think? #fordgmmerger #couldithappen #Durastroke #Powermax #F3Silverado Analyst Claims GM and Ford Merger Could be on the Horizon Today, news has broken of the potential FCA merge with Renault. The idea would be to bring together their strong suits and essentially share markets. Why would anyone want to do this? Why not keep all of the profits in-house? As it turns out, the latest technology that the industry is exploring is r… Source
  13. Did you watch it? #WaglerUSA and S&S Diesel Motorsport have created a monster! The amazing #BroDozer crew has proven that all jumps are possible. Congratulations to everyone involved with making this happen! That diesel power sure is making a name for itself in the Monster Jam series. Source
  14. Any truth to this? Source
  15. Nothing to do with Diesels, but had to share. This was in our home state of Utah. Guys free cougar from foot trap Source
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