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  1. Come see us at the Utah RV Sportsman’s and Vacation Show. Starts today and runs through Sunday. We have some show specials and you get to see our smiling faces! #1dieselfueladditive #lubricity The Utah RV show boasts Western America’s largest selection of 2019 recreational vehicles! Basically, if you love the outdoors, you absolutely cannot miss this show. Plus, show attendees can register to win a (5) five-day fishing trip of a lifetime at R.W. Fishing Lodge on the Kenai River in Alaska! Get your tickets today! Source
  2. All this hype about new fancy tailgates. So what tailgate is best??(https://www.platinumship.com) TFLtruck is brought to you by Platinum Ship, where your delivery is handled with the latest equipment optimized for maximum yi… Source
  3. How often do you wash your truck/car? Do you go through the automatic or is it only by hand for your baby? Source
  4. Just a few shots from the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis this weeks. #racetruck #turbos #horsepower #diesel Source
  5. Going to get down to 12° overnight. Brrrr!! Hope you treated your fuel and plugged her in if she’s outside. How cold is it in your neck of the woods? Source
  6. Opti-Lube has what you need to keep your rig running in the impending cold weather. Be prepared by stocking up with Opti-Lube XPD or Winter Formulas. Check out Opti-Lube.com to find a dealer near you or order today. Source
  7. 339 feet for Colby Swanson at the Tremonton United Truck & Tractor Pullers Pull. He takes the 2.5 Diesel Points Championship for the season. #optiluberacefuel #optilubepurelube #optilubepurecetane #optilubeoilfortifier #wilddiesel #edgeproducts Wild Diesel LLC Edge Products Source
  8. This is an interesting site. You can download history of Gas and Diesel prices by week clear back to 1994. Diesel was $1.10 in most of the US. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update – Energy Information Administration Energy Information Administration – EIA – Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government Source
  9. HIGHEST MILEAGE WINS!!! Show us what you got by snapping a pic of your odometer, COMMENT it and then SHARE this post. Highest will get an Opti-lube gift pack worth over $100.00 Must be a diesel vehicle. (Pictures stolen from Google images will not pass) Source
  10. Have a listen to the first part of our chat with The Diesel Podcast and listen to the whole conversation at https://thedieselpodcast.com/2018/08/14/does-diesel-fuel-suck/ Does diesel at the pump suck? Can it destroy your motor? We talk with Sean Conk, President of Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives #Diesel Fuel Additives about today’s fuel quality. He tells us about fuel additives, lubricity, cetane and – since winter is around the corner – what to do if fuel gels. Source
  11. Check out Colby Swanson and Wild Anytime taking the win with the long pull of the day so far at #WOTE. Wild Diesel LLC Edge Products United Truck & Tractor Pullers Northwest Dyno Circuit Ultimate Callout Challenge Source
  12. #Codered taking it down the track with Darkness Performance at #WOTE on #optiluberacefuel. Moonlight Diesel, Leading Edge Lights, Moonlight Madness Pulling Team, United Truck & Tractor Pullers Edge Products #codered #moonlightmania #edgeproducts #cts2 #cummins #commonrail #moonlightdiesel #unitedpullers #optilube #racefuel #purecetane #purelube #1dieselfueladditive Source
  13. Come see us at RMR SLC – Rocky Mountain Raceways with Edge Products, Northwest Dyno Circuit, United Truck & Tractor Pullers, BD Diesel Performance, Industrial Injection Diesel Performance, KC Turbos, Alligator Performance, XDP, Flo~Pro Performance Exhaust, Strictly Diesel, and Diamond Eye Performance. #RMR #Dieselfuel #Optilube #Dragracing #Dyno #Sledpulls #truckpulls #optiluberacefuel Source
  14. How do all the Diesel Fuel Additives on the market stack up? We put them to the test! Read our newest Blog post to find out: http://opti-lube.com/blog/opti-lube-is-still-1-in-lubricity-for-diesel-fuel/ Source
  15. What are you paying at the pump? #fuelprices #dontforgetyouroptilube #optilube Source