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  1. Seems like that would pull better with a Diesel in front of it. #yourdoingitwrong #needsadiesel #teslapower #tesla Source
  2. Awesome paint job at the Salt Lake Autorama. HS Customs Source
  3. Sometimes we do what we are told. Why? Because TURBOS are AWESOME! If you have more than one it is even better! Have a Turbo question? Stop by and ask it! #turbo #compoundturbos #twinturbo #tripleturbo #doworkson #dieselpower #neffsdiesel #ndrp Source
  4. What do you think of the 2019 HD line of Chevy trucks? Source
  5. He probebly forgot to Opti-lube. RIP Duramax + trailer…
  6. Who else has loves the Dirty Handle? This one was pretty gross. Source
  7. You have to check out this clean early 80’s GMC with a 12v Cummins dropped in. We came across it in Mesquite Nevada a few weeks back and had to share. We really liked the working A/C and paint matched flatbed and fuel tanks. We asked what he wanted for it…..but never got an answer.
  8. Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 02/02/2018 – Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 02/02/2018 2006 Dodge ram 2500. It was chosen because the Cummins is great for making big power and that’s what we were looking to do. It being a regular cab made the perfect candidate for a stripped down light 4×4 drag truck. Source
  9. Picked up my pulling truck engine today…..lol! Taking a diesel engine out of a train. Source
  10. Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 01/05/2018 Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 01/05/2018 Engine is a 5.9L cummins 24V with a 13mm P7100 and a large single S400 turbocharger, transmission is an NV5600 6 speed with a dual disc clutch, nv271 transfer case, d60 front with locker and chromoly shafts and free spin kit. Dana 80 rear with chromoly shafts and locker. Source
  11. 15 days to go till the Big show in Quartzsite, AZ. Who likes RV shows? It’s a little over 30 days until we open the gates at the 35th Annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show and it’s looking like a banner year, so far. With the majority of exhibitors returning from the 2017 show, we have added a few new names to the exhibitor list for 2018. J.C. Pennies will have representatives in attendance in 2018 looking for Workampers. The RV Show has become a major venue for recruiting Workampers with huge companies like Amazon, National Parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton and several others also recruiting. WD40 will be joining in the fun in 2018 as well with discount coupons for all. I could go on and on but it’s easier to just say; “Don’t miss the 2018 show at The Big Tent!” It going to be lots of fun and you can find everything you would want for your RV. Vacation destinations and most of the major RV Resorts are there. Literally, everything from soup-to-nuts. (We actually have vendors selling both!) Kimmy and I look forward to making your adventure to Quartzsite and “The Largest Gathering of RVers on Earth” a memorable one. See you there! Kenny King Source
  12. SOME TIPS & FACTS TO HELP PREVENT GELLING UP! We have seen alot of recent social media posts in different groups about who is or is not gelling and what additives they may or may not be using and how to fix it. Here are a few tips and facts thay might help everyone out: -The 1st biggest mistake is not mixing at the right time. Both the fuel and the Anti-gel (like XPD or Winter or others) need to be at least above 40 degrees to mix right and chemically do thier job right to prevent gelling. Make sure to mix them at time you are filling up or when your truck has been in a warm garage for a while. If either the fuel or anti-gel is bellow that tempurature, it’s to late and you need to warm them up first. -The 2nd biggest mistake is to small of Micron fuel filters. Smaller Micron fuel filters up the risk of gelling exponentially and once it starts, your up “you know what” creek. Those running 2 Micron filters can and will gel up even while running anti-gel additives. Using a 10 micron or larger filter will help prevent gelling during the cold weather. -Plugging in your truck does nothing to prevent gelling. When you plug in your truck it keeps the engine block warm to assist in startup and keeping your coolant from freezing in the block. Nothing to do with your fuel system. -Once you have gelled, you either need to replace the fuel filter or use an Emergency type product (like Opti-lube Gel Melt) to reliquify the gel in the filter. It will generally not go away on its own while using #2 Diesel Fuel. Also, not running a filter at all to get where you need to go…..is a big no-no. Don’t risk it! – #1 Diesel is generally close to, or pure 100% Kerosene. While Kerosene has a much lower cloud point and will prevent gelling to really low temps, it is very “dry” with little lubrication. We suggest using an Additive like XPD to keep things lubed up and protect your pump and injectors. -Some states allow and sometimes even require a small percentage of Bio Diesel to be in the Diesel fuel at the pump. Most do not even have to state they do so at the pump. Bio Fuel, even when as low as B5 (5% bio) has a much higher cloud point than non bio fuels and will gel faster. —————————————————————– We hope some of these tips and facts help some while the cold is upon us. SHARE THIS TO HELP YOUR FRIENDS. Opti-lube.com Source
  13. Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 12/22/2017 Posts from Opti-Lube Blog for 12/22/2017 Source
  14. Are you pulling something with your Diesel this Holiday weekend? Source
  15. Opti-Lube is now available in Hawaii!!! Opti-Lube is happy to announce Kona Marine Supply in Kailua Kona Hawaii now carries our products! Contact them to get yours today! Kona Marine Supply 74-425 Kealakehe Parkway #9 Kailua Kona, HI 96740 Phone: 808-329-1012 Email: kms@goosesedge.com Source