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  1. Will you be at Weekend on the Edge? Come see us and grab a sample of the good stuff! Check out the coverage for Weekend on the Edge Event and UCC Qualifier presented by Edge thats August 4th and 5th in the October 2018 issue of Diesel World – thank you Adam Blattenberg. Anyone can come out and compete in the sled pulls, drag race, dyno and show-n-shine! Event Tickets: https://uccgear.com/tickets/wote-ticket-2018 HUGE thank you to ALL of our sponsors for support with this event, it wouldn’t be possible without you! Official and Title Sponsors: Edge Products BD Diesel Performance GDP Tuning Meyer Distributing KC Turbos Alligator Performance XDP Thoroughbred Diesel Flo~Pro Performance Exhaust Sponsors: Manton Pushrods ATS Diesel Diamond Eye Performance Diesel World Diesel Performance Industry Expo – DPIExpo Industrial Injection Diesel Performance Wagler Competition Products Airdog Strictly Diesel Hot Shot’s Secret Northwest Dyno Circuit Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives Premier Performance Products Distribution High Tech Turbo Fluidampr United Truck & Tractor Pullers Fass Fuel Systems Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. Source
  2. Do any camping this weekend? #overkill #stillneedsoptilube #overweight #sleepersbigger Source
  3. THE WAIT IS OVER! Our New Formulation of Oil Fortifier with ZDDP is back on the shelf and ready to ship! Buy now or Stop by your Closest Opti-Lube Dealer. http://opti-lube.com/oil-fortifier/oil-fortifier.html Source
  4. Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives updated their cover photo. Source
  5. Such a good looking truck! That Opti-lube decal has been known to add at least 32 feet to every hook. #Optiluberacefuel #Purecetane #purelube #dynoprovenhorsepower Jul 21st Edge Pulling Series – Tremonton, UT – Edge Products – Ryan Thain Source
  6. Hanging out at the StarLite Diesel / Northwest Dyno Circuit and United Truck & Tractor Pullers Event in Morgan, Utah. Always a good one each year. #dieseldynos #truckpulls #freesamples #1dieselfueladditive #nosecretsjustproof Source
  7. This just seems like it will never end. #dieselgate #leaveourdieselsalone #cleanerthangas Mercedes-Benz recalls 700,000 cars for diesel defeat device | Drive.com.au The German government has found that Mercedes-Benz has fitted several popular vehicles with a diesel emissions defeat device. Source
  8. What is an “HFRR” number and why does it matter? Check out our newest blog post and be informed: http://opti-lube.com/blog/what-is-an-hfrr-number-and-why-does-it-matter/ Source
  9. Shawn Baca taking the #mastershredder down the track with United Truck & Tractor Pullers in Elko, NV. Industrial Injection Diesel Performance Source
  10. Check out the 1st place pull for Colby Swanson and the Wild Anytime Team at United Truck & Tractor Pullers in Elko, NV. #racetruck #racefuel #purecetane #purelube #winning Source
  11. Ram had to much to drink?? Haha, saw this in a parking lot and had to share. Source
  12. What are you paying??? These pics were taken in Southern and Northern California yesterday. #highfuelprices #over4bucks #insane #needsoptilube #1dieselfueladditive #betterfuelmileage #xpd #summerplus #boost #xl #singleclean Photo Cred: Keith Griggs and Gabriel Nelson Source
  13. Can’t blame that on the 6.0…..
  14. Happy 5.9 Day!! Who is rocking a 5.9? #fivenineday #cummins #dodge #ram #diesel #needsoptilube Source
  15. UCC SATURDAY GIVEAWAY!! Are you at Ultimate Callout Challenge tomorrow? We are going to give the first person that comes to the Opti-lube booth on Saturday (5/5) and says “BEST ADDITIVE ON EARTH” a free quart of Summer+ Additive and an Opti-lube T-shirt. #freestuff #optilube #summerplus #ucc2018 #1dieselfueladditive #trustthenumbers #nosecrets Source