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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our diesel moms! We appreciate all you do for our families! Source
  2. Got sidelined a few times going up I-29 going north and had to watch this guy try and get his camper through this old bridge single lane road! #dieselmotorsports #diesel #dieseltrucks #RVs #Bridgetooclose #nearthe Source
  3. FYI! Dmax owners take a look! #dieselmotorsports #Dmax #dieseltruck #diesels GM Recalls Diesel Trucks After Engine Block Heater Fires | Trucks.com General Motors recalls hundreds of thousands of 2017-2019 medium-duty trucks with diesel engines. Engine block heater cord fires have been reported. Source
  4. Safety for diesels – you bet! We want everyone to be safe at events! Why we have safety in place for diesels! By Larry “Gene” Mohney Over 12 years DIESEL Motorsports has had safety measures in place for diesel trucks for a reason. It’s motorsports… Source
  5. Next event in just a couple of weeks in the Midwest! Racing, pulling, Dyno, show-n-shine, vendors, and more. . . https://www.facebook.com/events/524890377985545/?active_tab=discussion Source
  6. Despite cold winds of 25-45 mph and temperatures of 40-50 degrees diesel enthusiasts once again crowed into Kearney Raceway Park to watch racing, dyno competition, show-n-shine sled pulling and meet with vendors on Saturday April 27th 2019! #dieselmotorsports #Banghartdiesel #Kearneyracewaypark #Mahle #PeakBlue #Northernradiator #Carrillo #WarrenDiesel #Stealthperformance #BDdiesel #HushMat #Clevite #Mahlemotorsport #Redlinediesel Source
  7. DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all who came out despite the harsh winds and temperatures for another great Nebraska event! The sun did come out in the afternoon and the crowd saw a good amount of diesel trucks racing, pulling, burnout, dyno competition and show-n-shine! We saw and talked to people from Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and of course Nebraska. A large amount of sponsor’s information, decals, swag and give-aways were passed out by the DM girls at the booth to many diesel enthusiasts. A big thank you to Kearney Raceway Park for hosting the event, Cenex, Banghart Diesel and NDS guys! Winners are listed below for the competition portion of the day along with all day grudge racing by over 100 trucks from all over the Midwest. Winners: Sled Pull Winners: 3.0 Super Class 1st Place = Bryan Banghart – 1992 Dodge – 342.13 ft 2nd – AJ Eilert – 1994 Dodge – 313.10 ft 3rd – Russ Horns – 1996 Dodge – 305.89 ft 4th – Matt Heideman – 2005 GMC – 256.80 ft Hot Work Stock 1st – Jeremy Stickney – 2005 Dodge – 266.27 ft 2nd – Daniel Topham – 2006 Ford – 250.71 ft 3rd – Matthew Schepler – 2013 Ford – 248.61 ft 4th – Zack Larson – 1998 Dodge – 229.98 ft 5th – John Topham – 2003 Ford – 224.04 Work Stock 1st – Kaleb Henebry – 2001 Chevy – 290.22 ft 2nd – Matthew Schepler – 2013 – 238.27 ft 3rd – Garret Kruger – 2001 Ford – 223.99 ft 4th – Zack Larson – 1998 Dodge – 209.67 ft 5th – John Schmidt – 2005 Excursion – 193.69 ft 6th – Nick Manhart – 2009 Ford – 182.84 ft 7th – Logan Klingson – 2015 Chevy – 175.82 ft Open Class 1st – Bronson Gibbons – 1942 Ford – 306.60 ft 2nd – Mark Gibbons – 1942 Chevy – 301.18 ft 3rd – Brandon Kibbee – 1952 Big Hooker – 296.47 ft 4th – Will Gibbons – 1975 Ford – 282.38 ft Dyno Competition Highest Horsepower/Chevy – Michael Duesbur Highest HP Ford – Brook Huffman Highest HP Dodge – Leo Kochanowicz More photos to come! Source
  8. Bryan Banghart took the championship at the DIESEL Motorsports sled pull at Kearney Nebraska April 27th! #dieselmotorsports #Mahle #BanghartDiesel #PeakBlue #BDDiesel Source
  9. The Big Hooker doing burnout yesterday- he actually burned a hole in the dragstrip – much longer than this video! Source
  10. NDS Show in progress despite brisk wind! Source
  11. Diesel vehicles go into the future! U.S. Automakers Reaffirm Commitment to Diesel Technology Source
  12. Truck Time! It is ready for the trucks to come alive! Source
  13. Next two outdoor events will feature like burnout competitions! Nebraska Diesel Show April 27th and I-29 Truck Extravaganza May 18th! www.DIESELmotorsports.US Source
  14. Coming up quick! Kearney Raceway Park would like to personally thank Cenex for their consistent and generous sponsorship of our annual Diesel Show! Come out for a good time April 27th, 2019 ONE DAY ONLY $20 Entry / kids ages 6 and under Free Grudge Drags Start Time: 10am Sled Pull Start Time: 5:30pm Burn Out Contest: 4pm Semi’s Welcome Dyno On Sight ALL Day Show ‘N Shine: 1pm-4pm Source