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  1. Some shots from SEMA 2019! More to come! Source
  2. GM wants the government to require electric car sales??? What happened to free market? #dieselmotorsports GM Wants Feds To Mandate Electric Cars In Surrender To Green Lobby | Investor’s Business Daily General Motors has given up on the free market. It now wants the federal government to force electric cars on the market and taxpayers to heavily subsidize them. GM should focus on improving reliability than pleasing environmentalists. Source
  3. Clean truck build from this Summer’s East Coast Diesel Nationals – won the FORD Best Show-N-Shine! Source
  4. Really? lol Look at this! Diesel Cars Are Cleaner Than Some EVs, New Study Suggests Germany’s top automotive consultancy has released a report that states that currently diesel engine vehicles may be cleaner than EVs due to the carbon footprint of lighting-ion batteries. Source
  5. I know what I want to be when I grow up!!! #dieselmotorsports #dieseltrucks Source
  6. Whose trucks made into this issue??? A lot of them lol Take a look! #dieselmotorsports THE SHOP – November ’18 100 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 t the end of every year I try to report back to the shops what has happened at our D I E S E L M o t o r s p o r t s events over the summer to help them better understand our diesel market. Why? So that shops can sell products and services to our competition diesel racers…. Source
  7. Who needs a good web site??? #DIESELmotorsports Who needs a good web site??? Is it worth it! The social media market has taken a hit with security breeches so many shops are now asking do I need a web site? Many shops used their F… Source
  8. Would you be interested in a hat like this? Taking opinions before we order for next season??? #dieselmotorsports Source
  9. Is that tool boxes and ladders on top of the truck racing? We race any truck because any truck can win ET Bracket racing! #dieselmotorsports Source
  10. LOL That is right! C’mon do it! #dieselmotorsports Source
  11. It’s that time of the year to do maintenance lol change your filters! Can you believe this one??? #dieselmotorsports Source
  12. Order your decals today! Online order that looks great on either clear or blackout windows! https://www.dieselmotorsports.us/store/DIESEL-Motorsports-Skull-Decal-p116078931 Source
  13. Little ride – BIG ride! #dieselmotorsports #ford #dieseltrucks Source
  14. How do diesels start out? #dieselmotorsports Source
  15. What happened in NY? #dieselmotorsports New York Truck Shootout Review! DIESEL Motorsports The 2nd Annual NY Truck Shootout was held under cloudy cool skies with temperatures in the 60s but pickup truck enthusiasts diesel and ga… Source