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  1. Just got the official word that Chip Street from Mount Vernon, Ohio will be joining us in Mercer, PA on Saturday night (thats tomorrow!!) for the ‘Battle of the Jet Turbines’. This great action photo from Charles Russell Pulling Photos of Michigan shows the ultimate jet powered machine named “WildFire” in action last week. Five JET tractors are confirmed for 6:30pm mega pull at Mercer Raceway Park. Source
  2. The pull on Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park will begin at 6:30pm with street licensed semi trucks. This class is open to the world but PA POSSE trucks are not permitted to enter the class. Registration will close at 6:00pm for all street semi trucks and line-up will begin at that time. DON’T BE LATE!! Hitches will be available for any trucks that do not have their own 5th wheel hitch. File Photos by Brock. Source
  3. The USA-EAST “Finals” on Saturday night at Mercer Raceway will feature the last hook of ’18 for the Hubner Seed HOT FARM Tractors at 9500 pounds. “The Babe” Ford 8000 and Mark Sindlinger will try to make it back-to-back championships and the team has a large enough lead that the top spot is not in jeopardy. Second place is held by the “Ruttin’ Buck” John Deere of Shane McFarland and third is Art Forrest with “Red Fever II” International. Look for some high-powered ‘outsiders’ to appear for the last Hot Farm class at Mercer. File photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  4. Another very unique tractor powered by Aircraft Style motors is Duane Bergman’s “Rambunctious II” from western Ohio. This twin Allison V-12 powered machine sports 3500 cubic inches of turbo charged action. Bergman will be bringing his 7500lb. tractor to Mercer Raceway Park for Saturday evening’s “Battle of the Jet Turbines” so that fans can get a good look at the different types of aircraft and military power plants being used in the pulling sport. Source
  5. Joe McClosky is bringing his Jet Powered Tractor named “Thee American Flame” to Mercer Raceway Park on Saturday night. McClosky is from Racine, Wisconsin and is the owner of Farmer Joes Trucking and owns this very unique tractor. The engine is a Lycoming T-53 Jet from a Bell Military Helicopter. Originally owned by the legendary Art Arfons from Akron, Ohio this Jet engine now runs mostly in the state of Wisconsin and has never been seen in Pennsylvania. Contributed photo. Source
  6. https://youtu.be/nnNQJ245D_0 See this tractor in action at Mercer Raceway Park on this Saturday night during the ‘Battle of the Jet Turbines”.This tractor pulling video is a video of a modified class jet powered tractor featuring a twin set up turbine jet engine at the Hartford Independent Fair in … Source
  7. The 2018 new Mini Mod 4×4 Trucks will conclude the very first USA-EAST point season on this Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, PA. The 360cu.in. machines have looked and ran great competing as a sanctioned class. The top four currently in the point race: Stoney Crissman “Never Enough” 278 — Paul Stillman “Playin’ Games” 264 — Jeff Johnson, Sr “White Lightning” 262 — Nick Polka “Little Twisted” 258. File Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  8. USA-EAST Work Stock GAS 4×4 “Finals” on Saturday at Mercer Raceway Park. Three trucks very close at the top: Brian Roch Flatbed Chevrolet with 240 points …. Keith Young “Long Gone” Chevrolet with 238 points …. Last year’s champion “Fred Neck” Chevrolet and David Millard with 234 points. Keck Machine and Performance sponsors this class. See the champion crowned on September 15 at Mercer. File Photos by Brock. Source
  9. Prices for Sept 15 at Mercer Raceway Park on this card. Source
  10. Mercer Raceway Park comes alive for one show only. Featuring the ‘Battle of the JET Turbine Tractors”. With FIVE divisions of USA-EAST Pulling battling in their last event of the 2018 season. GAS Trucks – DIESEL Trucks – SEMI Trucks – MIN Trucks – and Hot Farm Tractors. And for the first time – JET powered highly modified Tractors. Source
  11. Full Pull Productions updated their cover photo. Source
  12. Joe Giulitto and “Sneeky Pete” continue to impress in 2018 at the big yellow Pete from Ravenna, Ohio took his fourth USA-EAST Big Rigs victory of the season at the Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio on Wednesday evening. Second went to the vastly improved and now CAT powered “Lady Butterfly” from Gene Dunn of Bowerston, Ohio. And third place was gleaned by last year’s Lorain winner Shane Canterbury driving the 1150 Cummins powered “Big Mack Attack” from nearby Wakeman, Ohio. The Big Rigs go to Meadville, PA on Friday night. File photos by Brock. Source
  13. Congrats to Brandon DeFrank on his win and collecting the big trophy at the Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio on Wednesday night. This was the combined Buckeye 2.6 smoothbore and the USA-EAST Open 2.5 division. Contributed Photo. Source
  14. Full Pull Productions updated their cover photo. Source
  15. CANFIELD FAIR. The ‘invitation’ list is now available for the giant pull on Saturday, September 1 at Canfield. Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors as well as Classic Super Stock Tractors and the ‘Run What Ya Brung’ divisions are strictly “invitational”. Go to our web page for complete listings. www.fullpullproductions.com Full Pull Productions | Classes of Competition Crawford County Fair, Meadville PA, August 18, 2018 August 18, 2018 / R J / Updates 2.5 Diesel 4×4 Trucks Position Name Vehicle Name/Color Distance 1 Bill Daufan 03 Chevy The Punisher 315.79 2 Loren Miller 06 doge Warren Diesel 313.92 3 Matt Harrison 06 F250 General Nightmare 307.67 4 Logan Yoder 0… Source