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  1. The Super Street GAS 4×4 Trucks were in action again on Thursday night in Sykesville where the “Ungertaker” and Ray Unger the Chevrolet from Connellsville, PA grabbed the top spot. Just 1.4 feet back was Carl Barnhart from Needmore in Fulton County with his Ford named “Mid-Life Crisis”. And third went to Ehan Robbins from Bloomingdale, Ohio with his Ford named “Outta Control”. The current point leader “Back In Black” was 4th for Mike Lockwood which really tightened the point race going into next week-ends two season ending hooks – one at Smithfield, Ohio on Friday and the other at Meadville, PA on Saturday afternoon. Photos by Brock. Source
  2. The USA-EAST sanctioned 4500lb. Modified 4×4 Trucks opened the Sykesville event on Thursday with a very closely fought division for the 360 cubic inch small blocks. The top truck was Brian Shilling and his 2000 Dodge named “All Shook Up” as two feet covered the top three. “Playin’ Games” for Paul Stillman took the runner-up with the 1998 Dodge and current point leader “Never Enough” was third for Stoney Crissman with the Colorado Chevy. Photos by Brock. Source
  3. Sykesville Fair hosted the Triple Crown Series for Diesel 4×4 Trucks on Thursday night with a great field of trucks on hand and a super crowd in the stands. The winner was Kody Kardosh from Linesville, PA with his great running Ford named “Financial Corruption”. The second place truck was the GMC driven by Spencer Smeal from Clearfield County while third went to Pittsburgh’s Greg Scheller with a smooth running Dodge. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  4. The Triple Crown GAS 4×4 class at Sykesville went to Dustin Griffith from Marion Center, PA with the “Vortec Maximus” Chevrolet. Runner-up was the Ford named “Casper” for Kevin Nemeth from Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania and third was taken by the local area guy Gary Ellenberger from Punxsutawney with his 1982 Chevrolet. Brock took these. Source
  5. Remember the HUGE trophies that they give to the class winners at the Warren County Fair??? They are back on Friday night for the annual USA-EAST event in Pittsfield, PA. Last year’s champs – “Rutt N’ Buck” Shane McFarland and Loren Miller with “Rowdy Ram”. Source
  6. Full Pull Productions updated their cover photo. Source
  7. 4:00pm at the Sykesville Fair. Rain fell here earlier and made for a wet pit area. It is nice and sunny here now. The track is sealed and the equipment to build the track is on hand . We have made plans for additional parking outside of the normal pit area. Unless we get more showers the pull is still set to begin at 7:00pm. 4500lb. Modified Trucks are first to hook followed by TC Diesel and then Super Street GAS. Hot Farm is 4th and TC GAS will end the program. Source
  8. The Light Limited Super Stock Tractors from the WNY Pro Series will join USA-EAST on Friday night at the Warren County Fair for the first time. This high-powered group that permits both diesel and alky tractors runs at 6500lbs. and put on a great show at Raceway 7 in Conneaut, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. We welcome the LLSS tractors to Pittsfield, PA on this Friday night. Pull starts at 8:00pm preceded by the annual ‘Puller Party” in the pits at 6:00pm. File Photos by Brock. Source
  9. The USA-EAST Open 2.5 Diesel 4×4 class finished the pull at Lisbon on Saturday night with current point leader Branden DeFrank from Richmond, Ohio taking yet another win in the Zeigler Diesel Performance sponsored division. DeFrank’s GMC seems to have it figured out in 2019 as second went to last season’s point champion “The Punisher” and Bill Daufen from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania who is not running a full schedule this season. Third at Columbiana and currently 2nd in the points was the “Rowdy Ram” and Chris Baer from Jackson Center, Pennsylvania. This 2.5 Diesel class goes to Pittsfield, PA on Friday night for a late start and for a very nice raised purse. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  10. Lester Bates from Hadley, PA took his first win of 2019 in RWYB on Saturday night at the Fayette County Fair near Dunbar, PA. Bates’ “Completely Nuts” 2012 Ford with 738 cubic inch Ford Hemi power is returning to RWYB after a one year rebuild and is running very strong in the division. The runner-up was Jerry Berghoff from West Alexander, PA with his full blown Chevy called “Attitude Adjuster Reloaded”. Third went to Crystal Zedreck from Chicora, PA with her “Thunderbolt” super charged Chevrolet as she was just a fraction ahead of last night’s winner, Calvin Miller and “Runnin’ in the Red” Dodge in Fourth. RWYB heads to Lisbon, Ohio and the Columbiana County Fair next Saturday evening. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  11. The USA-EAST RWYB class is hurt by breakage at the mid-point of the season with only eight trucks pulling at Summit County on Friday night despite the $1000 to win purse offered at this event. Calvin Miller from Guys Mills, PA took his first win of 2019 with “Runnin’ in the Red” a Dodge with Scheid Diesel power. Second went to the class sponsor Warren Diesel Injection and their “Shark Bait” Ford 6.0 driven by Jesse Warren and third was taken by the strong running 3.0 diesel machine of Carrollton’s Hunter Snyder with Cummins power iN a sleek restored sixties model Chevrole named ‘300’ and Change’. This class goes to Fayette County tonight. Photos by Brock in Tallmadge, Ohio. Source
  12. The USA-EAST Open 2.5 Diesel 4×4 division sponsored by Zeigler Diesel of Canton opened the show at Summit County on Friday night with another win put down by Brandon DeFrank and his Duramax powered GMC sponsored by DeFrank Auto Body of Richmond, Ohio. DeFrank remains at the top of the class as the second place truck in the class finished 2nd at Summit. Chris Baer from Jackson Center, PA can not pick up ground with his Dodge named “Rowdy Ram”. Third went to the “Rusty Hooker” and Aaron Kopta from Sandy Lake, PA. Photos by Brock Johnson in Tallmadge, Ohio. Source
  13. Full Pull Productions updated their cover photo. Source
  14. The USA-EAST Open 2.5 Diesel Trucks sponsored by Zeigler Diesel of Canton, Ohio will return to action tomorrow night at the Summit County Fair in Tallmadge, Ohio. This is a very competitive class of 2.5 4×4 trucks that is open to the world. There is no one day insurance or one day membership required to hook at Summit. Keep in mind the 24″ hitch height for this class and 8000lbs. File Photos of the current top two in 2.5 by Brock. Keep in mind that “Rowdy Ram” formerly owned by Loren Miller is now owned by Chris Baer. Source
  15. Congrats to Russ Hildenbrand and his “Loose Cannon” John Deere on their win at the NTPA regional event at the Clark County Fair in Springfield, Ohio over the past week-end. Russ is a former USA-EAST “Smoker Series” champion from Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania. Hildenbrand is signed up with USA-EAST for the 2019 “Smoker Series” that begins at the Columbiana County Fair in Lisbon, Ohio on Friday, August 2. File Photos by Brock. Source
  16. Street Semis will be run in two groups again at Summit County Fair on Friday night. Drivers will have to designate whether they want in the street semi class or the enhanced street class when they register. The pull starts at 7:30pm in Tallmadge with the Dan Nearpass sled in use. Order of pull: Open 2.5 Diesel 4×4 Trucks – Street Semis – ‘Run What Ya Brung” Trucks – Enhanced ‘Hot’ Semis. Pit gate opens at 4:00pm and registration at 5:00pm. File photos by Brock. Source
  17. Some bad news for Big Rig competitor Rusty Bagley from Salisbury, Vermont. He reports that after further inspection of the C-15 engine after the pull at Raceway 7 on Saturday night a hole in the block was uncovered. This will end the 2019 season for the “Twisted Kitty” Kenworth. Rusty has been a regular with the Big Rigs Series for the past two seasons and his truck will be missed on the circuit. Plans are to rebuild for the 2020 season and return to the series. Source
  18. The Big Rigs SIX PAC last night at Raceway 7 had some great competition on the track. Justin Fredo from Salem, Ohio came out on top with the Cat-powered “Cat Scratch Fever” from the Fred Sanders pulling team in Ravenna, Ohio. Second went to the local favorite “Moody Blue” from nearby Jefferson, Ohio with Jeff Lautenan driving the Pete. Third was Vinnie Giulitto from Ravenna driving for crew chief Wayne Huffman for the Giulitto Trucking Team. The new truck is called “Full Spool” – a Mack with C-15 power. Photos by Brock. Source
  19. USA-EAST entertained the WNY Pro Pullers on Saturday evening at Raceway 7 as the Light Limited Super Stock Tractors came to pull for the first time. Nine of the LLSS machines were on hand for a very nice class of tractors. The winner was Jason Homan from western New York with his alcohol fueled Ford 7910. The runner up from Langford, New York was Faron Reding with a smooth running Farmall 806. And the “Power Hound” Farmall 1206 for Terrence Kopp from Warsaw, New York took third place. This class will join us once again at the Warren County Fair in Pittsfield, PA on Friday, August 9. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  20. TRUMBULL COUNTY FAIR this Saturday in Cortland, Ohio – class order: Afternoon at 3pm – Street Semis (two classes: street + enhanced); Hot Rod V-8 Tractors – Hot Farm Tractors. Evening at about 7:00pm – LimPro/SF – RWYB – Big Rigs Semis. Of course this could be changed due to weather and other circumstances. Pit gate opens at NOON. Grandstand is open all day – FREE with Fair Admission. Source
  21. This is the week-end for the Bunker Hill Shoot-Out – both Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:00pm. Friday will feature Hot Rod v-8 Tractors – 4500lb. Modified 4×4 – Limited Pro and Super Farm Tractors – Mini Rods and Local Street Diesel 4×4. Saturday will showcase Super Street GAS 4×4 – Open 2.5 Diesel 4×4 – NTPA Legends Tractors – Classic Super Stock Tractors and Licensed Semi Trucks. USA-EAST is the sanctioning body for the Bunker Hill Shoot-out in Beloit, Ohio. Source
  22. After a rain delay of an hour and a half, the Cookport Power Pulls went on before an amazing crowd considering the weather. Ray Gallagher took the Semi Truck divisions with his Kenworth – Paul Stillman and “Playin’ Games’ was the winner in the 4500lb. Modified 4×4 class – Kevin Nemeth got his first win with the Triple Crown Gas while driving the Ford named “Casper” – Tim Pugliese and “Deere Friend” backed up the team’s win at Butler with another top spot at Cookport – Shane Stanford took his first Triple Crown win in Diesel 4×4 with the “Mandingo’ Dodge. Sorry … No photo available for “Casper”. File Photos from Brock Johnson. Source
  23. Full Pull Productions updated their cover photo. Source
  24. 3:00pm at Cookport. Dry on the grounds. No rain has fallen here. Everything is still ON for 6:30pm start. Source