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  1. Now a full fledged point class with USA-EAST the 4500lb. Modified 4×4 division will open their 2019 season at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Saturday night. This diversified class is the lightest truck class and the weight to horsepower ratio is evident. Nine trucks have registered to run for points this season with USA-EAST. Source
  2. Mike Lepley from Ebensburg, PA reports that his “Hostile” Dodge with Cummins power will make its first USA-EAST run at Brookville on Saturday night in the “Run What Ya Brung” division. Lepley had two wins a year ago in the class while only using a single charger. He did have a test run on the truck last week-end and feels like he is ready to take on the twin charger trucks that were 1-2 at the USA-EAST event at Bunker Hill. File photo by Brock Johnson. Source
  3. One of the top Mod Turbo tractors from New England will join the tractor class at Brookville, PA on Saturday night. John and Morgan Lilly from Bridgeport, Vermont are bringing there 1970 Case named “Extreme Pressure” to the event mostly as a test run for their new set-up. The Lilly Team runs for points with the New York Tractor Pullers Association and that series is still a couple of weeks from their first event. Contributed photos. Source
  4. The USA-EAST Limited Pro Stock and Super Farm Tractor division sponsored by American Crop Insurance will open their 2019 season at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds near Brookville, PA on this Saturday evening (June 15) at 7:00pm. This is the premier smoker type tractor class with USA-EAST and a stellar field of 10-12 tractors is expected. Big Rigs and RWYB and 45Mod and Triple Crowne Diesel round out this outstanding USA-EAST Sanctoned event. Source
  5. We got the word today that the “Twisted Kitty” Big Rig operated by Rusty Bagley from Salisbury, Vermont will make its 2019 debut at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, PA on Saturday evening for the USA-EAST Sanctioned event. “Twisted Kitty” is a 1982 Kenworth powered by a C-15 CAT engine that finished in the top five in Big Rigs points a year ago. A solid field of trucks is expected for the Saturday pull this week. Source
  6. The Hubner Seed sponsored Hot Farm Tractors made their first USA-EAST Sanctioned hook on Saturday night at the Bunker Hill Shoot-Out in Beloit, Ohio with Shane McFarland taking the victory. His “Rutt-N-Buck” John Deere from New Wilmington, PA just edged out the Ford 8000 “Babe” and Mark Singlinger from Hadley, PA in the field of ten. Third went to the new and improved “Papa Pete” with Dan Peterson. The Hot Farms will show up next at the Geauga Power Pulls in Burton, Ohio in two weeks on June 22. Photos by Brock. Source
  7. Justin Fredo of Salem, Ohio made it look easy during the Big Rigs SIX PAC event at Bunker Hill on Saturday as he took the “Cat Scratch Fever” Mack owned by Sanders’ Excavating well over 300 feet to put a whoopin’ on the rest of the group. Second was “Unleashed” for Kendra Rogers from Custer, Ohio and third went to Jeff Lautenan from Jefferson, Ohio with “Moody Blue”. The complete Big Rigs class gets back to the track on this Saturday night (June 15) at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, Pennsylvania beginning at 7:00pm. Photos by Brock. Source
  8. Our USA-EAST ‘Run What Ya Brung’ Trucks sponsored by Warren Diesel Injection (WDI) opened their season on Saturday night at the Bunker Hill “Shoot Out” with fifteen high powered machine on the grounds. Jon Woskob from Warrior’s Mark, PA took his first win in over two years with the Dekalb Seed sponsored “Rollin’ Coal” Dodge twin charger Cummins. Second went to Cliff Carnes and “Carnage” a very similar configuration from Coshocton, Ohio and third was last year’s champion, Kelly Giltinan from Pittsfield, PA with the Knox Hemi powered ’55 Ford named “Bull Headed”. These trucks are back in action this Saturday night in Brookville, Pennsylvania. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  9. Fourteen of the awesome 3.0 Diesel 4×4 trucks representing three states participated at Bunker Hill on Friday night with John Humpe IV from Bloomingdale, Ohio taking his champion Chevrolet (“Causin’ Trouble”) to the winner’s circle. The runner-up was Josh Hayes all the way down from Fonda, NY with his beautiful new Duramax machine named “The Cure” and third went to last year’s runner-up in the former 3.6 division Luke Hyndman from Linesville, PA with the “Joint Custody” Dodge with Cummins power. Photos by Brock. Source
  10. New design for our ‘toddler’ shirts for 2019 in three colors. This is available 2T – 3T -4T at $12.00 each. Only available at the USA-EAST Tee shirt stand at the pulls. Each of vehicle owners have small kids waiting at their houses for these shirts. Your little ones will love it!!!! Source
  11. Eleven Big Rigs set to ‘run for points’ in 2019 … http://bigrigspulling.com/big-rigs-members-ready-for-2019-season/ BIG RIGS MEMBERS READY FOR 2019 SEASON – Big Rigs Pulling Uncategorized BIG RIGS MEMBERS READY FOR 2019 SEASON The 2019 season for the Big Rigs is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory when the modified semi-trucks gather at the EXPO Speedway inside the Trumbull County Fairgrounds on May 25 – The Saturday of Memorial Day week-end. Eleven truc… Source
  12. 2019 Season Opener for USA-EAST. May 25 – 6:30pm. EXPO Speedway at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Cortland, Ohio. Source
  13. Big Rigs at the Trumbull County Fair in 2016. Many of these trucks return to that same location for the Big Rigs Season Opener for 2019 on Saturday, May 25 at 6:30pm. Thankhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVRXrGz25Kk&t=377ss to Pat Bennett for this great video. 1 Dale Francis Maximus Prime 2 FP- 343.97 2 Dick Bonner Maximus Prime 1 FP- 341.43 3 Fred Sanders 86 Mack Silver Bullet #2 FP- 324.01 4 Joe Giulitto Peterbil… Source
  14. We have received out new ‘tractor’ champions shirts for 2019. These shirts feature five different divisions of USA-EAST Tractors each of which excelled in the previous season. These shirts are $20.00 are will be available in all sizes – youth to triple – for the first hook of the season on May 25 at Trumbull County. Thanks to Brock Johnson for the great photos used on the shirts. Source
  15. Gregg “Whitey” Refalko and Kevin Haas from Sarver in Butler County have jumped into the semi truck pulling world in a big way with the purchase of a very stout 1989 Mack with a solid E9 Mack V-8 for power. Long standing fans of the old Pro Stock Semi division (before USA-EAST) will remember the truck as owned and operated by the Rocco Brothers from Apollo, Pennsylvania. Whitey and Kevin are now prepping the truck for the first hook of the PA POSSE season at Expo Speedway at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Cortland, Ohio on Saturday, May 25. Both the Big Rigs and the Posse will start their season at the same location on the same day – quite a night for semi truck fans!! Source
  16. Gregg (‘Whitey’) Refalko from Natrona Heights, PA and Kevin Haas from Sarver have acquired a new and powerful 1989 Mack with a E9 Mack V-8 under the hood. Fans will remember this truck from the old Pro Stock Semi days even before USA-EAST existed. It was owned by the Rocco Brothers from Apollo and was maintained by former Big Rigs champion, Mark Riggle. This was one of the top single charger PS Semis of that time. The truck is being prepped for the opening leg of the PA POSSE class on May 25 at Expo Speedway at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. BOTH the Big Rigs and the Posse will open the 2019 season at this venue on the same night. If you are a semi truck fan …. you will not want to miss this!! Source
  17. Word out of Knox School Road near East Rochester, Ohio is that the former Lindsey Rose “Malice” Allis Chalmers has a new home for 2019. Jason Pitts from the Les Pitts team has purchased the strong running Classic Super Stock from the John Rose team. The younger Pitts previously acquired the ‘Lil’ Red Cockshutt Hot Rod V-8 from Wilber Cogan a year ago and appears to be putting together his own pulling team in the suburbs of Minerva. File photo by Brock. Source
  18. A BIG night at the NTPA Shipshewana National invite for 3.0 Diesel 4×4 Trucks for our USA-EAST 2018 Champion as “Causin’ Trouble” and John Humpe IV took a huge win vs. a stellar field of competitors. The Chevy/Duramax from Bloomingdale, Ohio was back on DOT rubber under NTPA rules and the truck performed flawlessly. The field will get another shot at Humpe tomorrow night at the indoor event in Indiana. File Photos by Brock. Source
  19. More news from the Keystone Nationals …. “Tragic Magic” the 1977 Ford that was the USA-EAST Champion has been sold!!! Jeff Mitchell from Salem, Ohio has sold the truck and his business (JM Pool Builders) and he and his wife have moved to North Carolina. His son, Justin, is still living in Columbiana County. Reports are that the truck is being completely re-done by the new Ohio based owners and will return to the USA-EAST Super Street GAS 4×4 class in 2019 with a new body and a new name. File photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  20. RJ and Brady talked to Art Forrest (“Red Fever II”) while at the Keystone Nationals in Harrisburg this week-end. Forrest is the former USA-EAST Champion in this class. Well into his seventies, Art has announced his retirement from the Hot Farm Tractor division and will now serve as crew chief for his son Randy (‘Buckin’ Binder’ – SF) and for the new IH Hot Farm tractor that his former crew chief Dave Walters from New Bethlehem will campaign in 2019. This video shows one of Art’s big wins at Lisbon, Ohio that was filmed by Brandon johnson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRv-zS49A84 Hot Farm Tractors at the 2015 Columbiana County Fair Source
  21. The former USA-EAST ‘Smoker Series’ Champion, Mark Bradish of Greensburg, Pennsylvania took the open Super Stock Tractor class at the Keystone Nationals this evening with his very powerful four turbo International named “Recycled Red”. File photo by Brock Johnson. Source
  22. Three super farm tractors that have joined with the USA-EAST combo LP/SF division for 2019 were in the top five in the 9300lb. class at the Keystone Nationals tonight in Harrisburg. A big congrats to Brad McFarland from New Wilmington, PA on his first ever win with his brand new John Deere. Second went to Dan Park’s “Saturday Night Hooker” with Jeff Solley driving and fifth place was taken by “Deere Friend” and Tim Pugliese. File photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  23. The USA-EAST Hot Rod V-8 Tractors will enjoy a tremendous $5000 point fund in 2019 thanks to a series of generous sponsors: Ponderosa Steakhouse of Carrollton; Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants; Leppo Rents; Bee-Mac Trucking; Normandy Sea and Steak of Minerva; Hubner Chevrolet; Razor Rents and Guess Motors. This sanctioned division has thirteen hooks (11/Ohio and 2/PA) this season. The first hook is on Friday, June 7 at the Bunker Hill ‘Shoot Out’ in Beloit, Ohio. Brock got these pictures a year ago. Source
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