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  1. “A Rood Awakening Revisted” has moved down the road a couple of miles for the 2019 season. The V-8 Mack has been purchased by the Guilitto Trucking Team of Ravenna, Ohio after spending the past five years in the Sanders’ Excavating garage. According to Joe Guilitto the truck will be co-driven by Joe’s son, Vinnie, and by crew chief Wayne. No decision on the name for the truck has been made at this time. The Mack is ready to debut for the new ownership team on May 25 at the EXPO Speedway at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds – the season opener for the Big Rigs. File photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  2. It sure does look like the Fred Sanders Team is getting ready for the start of the Big Rigs Series. This is very impressive. That is the “Silver Bullet” with the new single charger QXK-19 Cummins prepared for action. May 25 at Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Cortland, OH is the date to circle on your calendar. Source
  3. Congrats go out to Greg Young from Carrollton, Ohio and his 3.0 Dodge named the ‘Patriot”. Greg who works closely with Hunter Snyder took both sessions of the 3.0 division at the Eaton Indoor Pull in Eaton, Ohio with a pair of super runs. The truck is registered for points with the USA-EAST series for 2019. First 3.0 hook is at the EXPO Pull at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 25. Good Luck, Greg. File photo by Brock. Source
  4. It is with sadness that we mark the passing of Pat Counter from Kennedy, New York. Pat was 66 years old at the time of his death which was after a two year battle with cancer. Pat owned PM Counter Trucking, a log hauling business in the southern tier and campaigned with the Big Rigs Series with a 1985 Mack Superliner that as called “Just Pocket Change”. The truck sported flames at the stacks just like the Mack of JR Collins. Today the pulling truck is owned by Antrim Diesel and is called “Maximum Force”. Our sympathies to the extended family of Pat Counter. Source
  5. Two former USA-EAST “Smoker Series” champions fared quite well at the just completed NFMS event in Lousville, KY. Both qualified for Saturdays ‘Finals’ with the ‘Bootlegger’ of Jason Svonavek finishing fifth and Russ Hildenbrand’s “Loose Cannon” got ninth place. Congrats to these two strong running Deere Pro Stocks from south western Pennsylvania. File photos by Brock. Source
  6. http://bigrigspulling.com/the-return-of-the-big-rig-bessie/ The Return of the Big Rig Bessie – Big Rigs Pulling Uncategorized “BESSIE” SET TO RETURN IN 2019 In the late 1990s and just after the turn of the century one of the most popular trucks with the Big Rigs Pulling Series was a long nosed ’71 Kenworth with a V-12 Detroit named “Bessie”. The black and white paint design was hand drawn by Andy Tr… Source
  7. USA-EAST 2019 SCHEDULE. http://fullpullproductions.com/schedule/ Schedule – Full Pull Productions USA-EAST 2019 SCHEDULE CHECK BACK SOON USA-EAST SLED PULLING CLASS ABBREVIATIONS BR- Big Rigs 3.6sb – Hot Diesel 4×4 Trucks Smooth Bore RWYB – Open Modified Trucks PaP – PA Posse Semis LP/SF – Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors CSS – Classic Super Stock Tractors 2.5 – Diesel 4×4 Trucks SS… Source
  8. Big Rigs Series to open 2019 Season at Trumbull County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 25. This is part of the new Ohio Speedway Series for 2019. http://fullpullproductions.com/3330-2/ BIG RIGS SEASON TO BEGIN AT EXPO SPEEDWAY – Full Pull Productions Updates BIG RIGS SEASON TO BEGIN AT EXPO SPEEDWAY The BIG RIGS PULLING SERIES will start their 2019 season in front of the beautiful covered grandstand at the EXPO SPEEDWAY at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Cortland, Ohio on Saturday, May 25. This is the Saturday night of Memorial Day week-en… Source
  9. The USA-EAST Big Rigs and the PA POSSE semi trucks are coming to the Buck Motorsports Park in 2019. http://fullpullproductions.com/big-rigs-return-to-the-buck/ Big Rigs Return to the Buck – Full Pull Productions Updates USA-EAST SEMIS RETURNING TO ‘THE BUCK’ BIG RIGS and PA POSSE INCLUDED The Big Rigs Pulling Series is returning to The Buck Motorsports Park for two events in 2019. This marks the first time in many years that the Big Rigs have participated at the Buck. A recent meeting held in Hershey be… Source
  10. We were in Hershey for the PA Fair Convention this week-end. Lots of ‘news’ coming this week. Source
  11. Rick was at the NY Fair Convention in Rochester over the past week-end. He met with the New York Tractor Pullers and the Empire State Pullers as well as the Outlaw Semi Truck Pullers. The FPP traditional events at the Cattaraugus County Fair in Little Valley, New York and the Broome County Fair in Whitney Point, New York were both confirmed for 2019. Source
  12. Be sure to check the FPP web page for updated news releases and information on the 2019 season. http://fullpullproductions.com/ohio-speedway-series-announced/ OHIO SPEEDWAY SERIES ANNOUNCED – Full Pull Productions Updates OHIO SPEEDWAY SERIES ANNOUNCED SEMI TRUCKS TO BE THE STARS IN 2019 The all-new “Speedway Series” with the USA-EAST Semi Trucks as the featured divisions will take place in eastern Ohio in 2019. This series was developed after the new owners of Mercer Raceway Park made the decision in Dec… Source
  13. As we get ready for 2019 …. lets go back ten years …. Our current Big Rigs Champion – “Jerry Atricks” was a street stock semi and was one of the best. Listen to the sound of the KT-600 Cummins that was used at that time. Pat Bennett put together the end-of-year video about Mr. Hairhoger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTEQOMdFlPw The OFF-THE-HIGHWAY SEMI TRUCKS may be called Street Stock Semi trucks in some circles. But that does not do justice to this very competitive group of owner/… Source
  14. Rick stopped to see Fred Sanders in Ravenna, Ohio this week and was surprised to see the “Silver Bullet #2” in the shop with the long-awaited new motor in place. This is a Cummins QXK-19 engine fresh from the Jim Fink dyno and sporting a huge single turbo-charger. Sanders admitted that he has never been ready for the season this early. And the other Mack powered “Silver Bullet #1” (Mack V-8/four chargers) is also in the shop with work on that machine evident under crew chief Richard Scott’s watchful eye. File Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  15. Rick attended the Ohio Fair Convention in Columbus, Ohio this past week-end. Pullers can look for as many as four new pull venues in that state in 2019. Our USA-EAST classes are becoming very popular in the Buckeye State because we always show up with good solid field of tractors and trucks and semis. The Fair people all had good things to say about our programs and our pullers. Source
  16. Greg Dean from Shenandoah, Virginia has joined USA-EAST for 2019 and will return his “Bad Dog” Mack with E9 single charger power to the Big Rigs Pulling Series next season. Dean experienced a major engine failure in 2017 at Meadville, PA and chose to sit out the 2018 season. He spent his time refurbishing his 1990 SuperLiner show truck and won some awards at the Shell Rotella Truck show last summer. Video from the Buck Motor Sports Park in 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEsZUqpgpew 1st run at Buck Motorsports Park 6/21/14 Source
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