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  1. As we get ready for 2019 …. lets go back ten years …. Our current Big Rigs Champion – “Jerry Atricks” was a street stock semi and was one of the best. Listen to the sound of the KT-600 Cummins that was used at that time. Pat Bennett put together the end-of-year video about Mr. Hairhoger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTEQOMdFlPw The OFF-THE-HIGHWAY SEMI TRUCKS may be called Street Stock Semi trucks in some circles. But that does not do justice to this very competitive group of owner/… Source
  2. Rick stopped to see Fred Sanders in Ravenna, Ohio this week and was surprised to see the “Silver Bullet #2” in the shop with the long-awaited new motor in place. This is a Cummins QXK-19 engine fresh from the Jim Fink dyno and sporting a huge single turbo-charger. Sanders admitted that he has never been ready for the season this early. And the other Mack powered “Silver Bullet #1” (Mack V-8/four chargers) is also in the shop with work on that machine evident under crew chief Richard Scott’s watchful eye. File Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  3. Rick attended the Ohio Fair Convention in Columbus, Ohio this past week-end. Pullers can look for as many as four new pull venues in that state in 2019. Our USA-EAST classes are becoming very popular in the Buckeye State because we always show up with good solid field of tractors and trucks and semis. The Fair people all had good things to say about our programs and our pullers. Source
  4. Greg Dean from Shenandoah, Virginia has joined USA-EAST for 2019 and will return his “Bad Dog” Mack with E9 single charger power to the Big Rigs Pulling Series next season. Dean experienced a major engine failure in 2017 at Meadville, PA and chose to sit out the 2018 season. He spent his time refurbishing his 1990 SuperLiner show truck and won some awards at the Shell Rotella Truck show last summer. Video from the Buck Motor Sports Park in 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEsZUqpgpew 1st run at Buck Motorsports Park 6/21/14 Source
  5. Rick is attending rhe National Fair Convention in San Antonio, Texas this week. This is the International Association of Fairs and Expositions which is the largest meeting of Fairs in the United States. The NTPA and Full Pull met with the Canfield Fair and plans are now in the works for another great pull at Canfield in 2019. Also of note is the fact that the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY has decided to end their 25+ years of hosting major league tractor and truck pulls. Source
  6. Jerry Hairhoger goes ‘back-to-back’ in the Big Rigs Series as he gets the CAT powered ’73 KW named “Jerry Atricks” back to another championship with USA-EAST for 2018. The Big Rigs are sponsored by Cen.Pe.Co and Wayne Sampson the NW PA rep was on hand for the presentation. The class is also sponsored by MAC Trailer of Alliance, Ohio. The runner-up was Jon Rees with his Cummins powered Diamond T named “Diamond in the Rough”. Jeff Lautenan “Moody Blue” was third and Rusty Bagley with “Twisted Kitty” finished 4th this year. Photos by Brock. Source
  7. Mark Petros admits to having ‘at least six’ of these banners at his Greensburg Machine and Driveline shop in Westmoreland County. But Petros loves getting another in the Super Street GAS 4×4 division as he claimed the ’18 season championship with the Dodge with Mopar power named “Public Enemy”. Photo by Brock. Source
  8. John Humpe IV and the new “Causin’ Trouble” 3.6 Diesel 4×4 Chevrolet captured that class championship with USA-EAST for 2018. The class was sponsored by Warren Diesel Injection and Jesse Warren was on hand to help with the presentation. This class will become 3.0 smoothbore for 2019 as the rules have been adjusted. Another new truck got the runner-up spot as the Dodge named “Joint Custody” for Luke Hyndman and Nick Shearer took that spot with Brady Feicht helping with the presentation. Brock Photos. Source
  9. Kelly Giltinan from Pittsfield, PA took his first ever USA-EAST Championship in “Run What Ya Brung” Trucks in 2018 with “Bull Headed”. Dan Messenger one of the main techs for this class helps to present the awards. Giltinan’s 1955 Ford with a 2000 horse full blown 499 cu.in. Brian Knox Hemi motor had three wins in the ultra competitive open entry division this season to grab the crown. Blower motor trucks have won this class in each of the past two years. Brock Photos. Source
  10. The second year USA-EAST Triple Crown Series for street licensed 4×4 trucks crowned their winners last night at the awards banquet in Jamestown, PA. David Ellenberger with his Chevy named “Doomed” from Punxsutawney, PA won the TCS GAS division for the second straight year. And the “High Mile Hooker” of Shawn Bell from Sandy Lake, PA – a Chevy with Duramax under the hood – took the Diesel version of the TCS. Head truck tech Corey Clawson made the presentations. Photos by Brock. Source
  11. Alan Heasley from Ravenna, Ohio captured his first USA-EAST championship in 2018 in the Classic Super Stock Tractor division sponsored by Hubner Seeds. Mike Yoder was on hand to make the presentation for the sponsor. Heasley’s tractor is named ‘The Tin Man’ and the team had a super season on the track. And Alan gives lots of credit to his wife for the ultimate success of their tractors. Photo by Brock. Source
  12. The USA-EAST 2.5 Diesel Class was sponsored by Zeigler Diesel of Canton, Ohio in 2018 and the same truck (but different owner) took the crown again. Bill Daufen from Ellwood City, PA purchased the Chevy with Duramax power at mid-season from the Nothing But Trouble Pulling team and renamed it the “Punisher”. And then he drove it to the top spot in the class. Great job for the new ownership team. Brock Photo. Source
  13. Mark Sindlinger has owned the HotFarm Tractor class over the past five years with his Ford 8000 named “The Babe”. Sindlinger from Hadley, PA was back on top again in 2018 in the Hubner Seed sponsored division with Hubner Seed Rep Mike Yoder on hand to make the presentation. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source
  14. The ‘Rookie of the Year’ award presented by Brock Johnson Photography went to young Stoney Crissman. The Crissman Team brought a brand new Chevy Colorado to the Small Block Modified 4×4 class in 2018 a promptly took the title in their very first year of competition. Source
  15. For the first time in three years the Keck Machine sponsored work stock GAS 4×4 crowned a new champion as Brian Roch from Sharpsville, PA took the top spot with his flat bed Chevrolet. RJ made the presentation at the banquet. Many of the top five also were present including three time champ, Dave Millard, who finished 3rd in 2018. Brock Photos. Source
  16. USA-EAST has adopted the 3.0 smooth bore Diesel 4×4 rules for 2019. http://fullpullproductions.com/3-0-smoothbore-diesel-class-adopted-by-usa-east-for-2019/ Source
  17. Hopefully everyone isn’t tired of hearing us say Thank you, because we cannot thank each and every one of you enough! . . October 6, 2018 was A Night of Mayhem. 100% of our proceeds are donated to Make A Wish. We are so pleased to announce that we are able to donate $27,727.30 to Make A Wish!! Of course, this is all in part of our sponsors, fans, pullers and volunteers. Thank you to all of the sponsors, and Mac Trailer for presenting A Night of Mayhem with us. Your sponsorship and support does not go unnoticed! . . Over the last three years of putting on A Night of Mayhem, we have been
  18. USA-EAST Banquet Update: Tickets are going fast … only about 25 remain as of now for the November 10 event. For those of you who want to stay over, we have made arrangements for a $79.00 room rate at the new Cobblestone Hotel in Greenville, PA (seven miles from Jamestown). When you call (724.588.4200) just mention Full Pull Productions in order to get that special overnight rate. Source
  19. $5,575.00 to Make A Wish. USA-EAST pullers and Full Pull Productions have made this contribution to the great charity cause. This amount reflects the many checks from pullers that were donated back to the Saturday “Night of Mayhem” pull at the Columbiana County Fair in Lisbon, Ohio as well as the USA-EAST sanction fees that were rebated to the event. Source

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