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Outville Cheater Stock Changes

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We are redesigning the cheater stock class and looking for input from all you pullers.  Since we are no longer a COPTC pull we would like to change the class specs to include as many pullers out there as possible.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions or constructive criticisms to improve the class and pull.  We welcome all input!  Thanks for your help.

Jim Endsley, Outville Power Show

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We're going to have 2 classes - one 6200# front weights; and one 6200# weights in the bed street class.  We'll start with COPTC rules as a framework and try to combine them with other club rules to open it up to more pullers. We plan to offer decent purses.  The more input the better so we can accomodate everyone.

Thanks for your input

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We want to include as many pullers as possible.  If we can adjust the rules to include Buckeye outlaws and Pennsylvania pullers and northeast Ohio without alienating COPTC (I'm a member - I'm not kicking sand their direction)

Mighty rat - you have a buddy that wants to run aluminum heads - we are open to that discussion - and all others



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Guest Leadfoot

I have no dog in your fight but since Aluminum heads is a hot top in many areas as of late.


Kinda wondering myself how others feel.


Here is my .02


You currently cannot buy an ironed head V8 from the big three (even diesels).  The only iron head 1 ton I know of is the Cummins diesel.  I'm fairly sure Toyota, Nissan, etc are the same.  Aluminum heads rules are coming (if not already), so why not be ahead of the game and pro-active vs re-active and make rules that make sense.


Some rules (such as ours) state if it was OEM for that make/model/year it's allowed, but you cannot run them on an older truck (I don't fully agree with that, but I'm not the only one voting on the rules).


I think OEM aluminum heads, and aluminum reproductions of OEM cast iron heads should be allowed on anything.  Aluminum heads used to be exotic and $$$ in the 80's, so they were outlawed.  They were easier to work but cost was a lot more and to keep competition fairly level and within financial reach of most, many orgs outlawed them.  Now in certain instances the cast iron heads are getting $$$ (as they haven't mass produced in years) and are much more expensive to machine and fix.


While allowing any aluminum head in a street, enhanced, cheater, etc class would be a bad idea as there are purpose built aluminum heads with better designs, thicker walls, raised ports, etc. that will outperform a cast head, I think there is a need to open up the rules a LITTLE.  If an aluminum head has no advantages (flow and design) except for weight over a cast counterpart it should be allowed.  Not only are they often cheaper nowadays, they are much cheaper to fix (such as when dropping a valve) which helps puller's wallets.


Our Superstock (500CID, 1 tons, 31" pulling tire) class went to aluminum heads with NO restrictions and it changed the game (in my mind not for the better).  Many pullers (and even engine builders) said certain heads could NEVER be run on a 500CID motor as they are too big for the cubes, but they are being used and with GREAT success.  Pretty much guaranteeing that if you want to be competitive, you are going to shell out the coin for the best heads.  Our version of the Cheater stocks saw what happened with an open aluminum head rule and guys freaked (worried about the cost of competting), so they are not allowing aluminum heads unless it was factory for the make/model/year.  I'm trying to get them to open it up to aluminum heads, but with restrictions (which isn't an easy task).  There have been discussions of finding 2-3 similar castings that are comparable in capabilities and in a decent price range for each manufacturer and allowing them.  You can port as much as you want (but still are limited to the port design), but it gives a guy building a motor a choice (cast or aluminum), and when guys hurt a set of cast heads they've been running for years, they can opt for the aluminum (whether it be for initial cost savings, lighter weight, or the abilty to fix them easier/cheaper).  Trying to keep competition good, while allowing a cheaper alternative (hopefully help a few guys in todays economy), and without opening Pandora's box by saying ANY head is allowed.



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I'm cool with aluminum. Always have been. No hp advantage. Just cheaper. I'm curious to who this "buddy" of mine might be. Most people out your way do not want the aluminum.

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