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Type: Gear-driven, cast-iron
Low-range ratio: 2.46:1
Weight (lb.): 80 (approx.)
Lubricant: 80- to 90-weight
Length (in.): 8.5
Width (in.): 17.0
Height (in.): 8.5
Used by: Jeep, in various versions from 1941-71. Rear output shaft is offset to the right, directly behind the front output shaft. Intermediate shaft diameters were 3/4, 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 inch, but 18s can be bored to accept the 1 1/4-inch shaft and corresponding gears. It is very adaptable, holds up well under moderate V-8 power, and is capable of accepting a PTO and/or overdrive. 

:: DANA/SPICER 20 ::

Type: Gear-driven, cast-iron
Low-range ratio: 2.00:1
Weight (lb.): 80 (approx.)
Lubricant: 80- to 90-weight
Length (in.): 10.5
Width (in.): 17.0
Height (in.): 8.5
Used by: Various Jeeps, starting with the '63 Wagoneer and 1972-79 CJs; also found in 1965-79 IH Scouts (the Scout version was known as TC-145). A non-interchangeable version was found in some GM 1/2-tons and Blazers/Jimmys with three-speed transmissions. The rear output shaft is centered, with the front shaft offset to the right. The Dana 20 allows low-range gears from the Dana 18 to be swapped in. There are three different case designs, the main differences being in shift linkage. There are also three different intermediate gears and output shafts. The Dana 20 is adaptable, compact, and reasonably strong. 

The Ford version of this case, used in 1966-77 Broncos, is similar to the Jeep version, except that the front output shaft is on the left side; units manufactured from 1966 to November, '74, used a different style. 


:: NP 203 ::

Type: Chain-driven, cast-iron
Low-range ratio: 2.00:1
Weight (lbs.): 165
Lubricant: 10W-30/10W-40
Length (in.): 21.5
Width (in.): 19.0
Height (in.): 15.0
Used by: Ford, Chevy, and Dodge in all 1971-80 full-size vehicles. Use depended on the year, model, engine, and transmission. It is suitable for V-8 power in trucks with GVWRs of up to 10,000 pounds. 
The NP 203 is a "full-time" transfer case; it has a set of differential gears which allow for full-time operation; the differential action can be manually locked out. Kits are available to eliminate the action and convert the 'case to part-time. An NP 203 can be distinguished from a part-time NP 205 by its single-piece rear output housing and shift rail coming out the side of the case. 

:: NP 205 ::

Type: Gear-driven, cast-iron
Low-range ratio: 1.98:1
Weight (lb.): 138
Lubricant: 80- to 90-weight
Length (in.): 13.0 (GM); 16.0 (IH)
Width (in.): 18.0
Height (in.): 12.0
Used by: 1971-1980 Broncos, Blazers, and Ram Chargers (and corresponding full-size pickups); the NP 205 is still used on heavy Dodges. Some Dodge and IH models were longer, "divorce-mounted'' versions. The NP 205 has left- or right-side front outputs and a center rear output. Caution is advised: there were many varieties in NP 205 shaft splines and so forth. A PTO plate can be found on the left side of the 'case. 

:: NP 207 ::

Type: Chain-driven, aluminum
Low-range ratio: 2.61:1
Weight (lb.): 68 
Lubricant: ATF
Length (in.): 17.0 (face to output shaft)
Width (in.):18 (approx.)
Height (in.): 9.5
Used by: Jeep, in smaller vehicles prior to the introduction of the NP 231. The NP 207 is designed for smaller-displacement engines (input torque rating: 610 lb.-ft.) in vehicles with GVWRs of less than 5,000 pounds. 

:: NP 208 ::

Type: Chain-driven, aluminum
Low-range ratio: 2.61:1
Weight (lb): 79
Lubricant: ATF
Length (in): 8.0 (GM); 15.5 (AMC)
Width (in.): 20.0
Height (in.): 5.0
Used by: Many full-size vehicles, including Jeep pickups and Wagoneers (which used a left-side front output shaft). A part-time unit that replaced the stronger, heavier NP 203, the NP 208 can't stand up to the horsepower that the NP 205 can, but failure is more often related to low oil level than too much input torque. The 'case utilized left- or right-side front output shafts. All Jeep model 208s have the same spline and output-shaft size and bolt pattern as the Dana 300. 

:: DANA 300 ::

Type: Gear-driven, cast-iron;
aluminum tailhousing
Low-range ratio: 2.61:1
Weight (lb.): 86
Lubricant: 80- to 90-weight
Length (in.): 11.5 (face to center of rear output shaft)
Width (in.): 16.0
Height (in.): 9.0
Used by: All 1980-86 Jeeps. The Dana 300 is similar to a Dana 20 but has a more desirable low-range. It also uses a single lever shifter. The Jeep version uses an entirely different bolt pattern from the Dana 20, while the Scout version (1980), known as the TC-146, uses the same pattern as a Dana 20. The Dana 300 is very adaptable, compact, and strong. 

:: BORG-WARNER 1345 ::

Type: Chain-driven, aluminum
Low-range ratio: 2.72:1
Lubricant: ATF
Length: (in.): 17.25
Width (in.): 23.0
Height: (in.): 12.0
Used by: Some 1980-to-88 full-size Fords. Holds six pints of Dextron II ATF. This unit can be towed extended distances because of its built-in pump that channels oil to all necessary bearings. 

:: BORG-WARNER 1350 ::

Type: Chain-driven, aluminum
Used by: Ford Rangers and Bronco IIs. Some models have electric-shift (Touch-Drive) capability. 

:: BORG-WARNER 1356 ::

Type: Chain-driven, magnesium case
Used by: Recent-model Heavy-Duty Fords; replaced B-W model 1345. 

:: BORG-WARNER 1359 ::

Used by: Two-wheel-drive Fords. Resembles a transfer case, but has no front output shaft or internal gears. The B-W 1359 was probably installed to avoid a separate driveshaft for rare 4x2 Bronco IIs. 

:: BORG-WARNER 1361 ::

Used by: Range Rovers with viscous coupling center differentials. 

:: NP 241 ::

Type: Chain-driven, aluminum
Used by: 1988-to-present Chevy/GMC K-trucks (left-side output shaft), V-trucks (right-side output), and Dodge light-duty pickups and Ram Chargers. The NP 241 replaced the NP 208 in 1988. 


Type: Single-lever, single-speed
Used by: 1969-76 F-100 1/2-ton trucks. 


Type: two-speed, divorce mounted
Used by: 1969-73 F-250s. 


Type: chain-driven, aluminum
Low-range ratio: 2.57:1
Used by: 1972-79 Jeep vehicles with TH 400 transmissions.

Information herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Always verify technical information with a professional.


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