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Welcome our newest sponsor - Waggoner Diesel

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PLEASE LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/waggonerdieselperformance


We strive to bring you the best performance and replacement parts available, we have access to over 900 performance lines and many WD warehouses including Canada and shipping is usually 3-5 business days, what ever you may need we have you covered, as well as factory replacement parts for:

  • CUMMINS DIESEL: Engines-parts-units.
  • CUMMINS-RECON: Re-manufactured starters-heads-turbos etc.
  • CUMMINS MARINE: Marine engines and parts.
  • CUMMINS POWER GENERATION: Generators and power units.
  • DETROIT DIESEL: Engines-parts-units.
  • PERKINS DIESEL: Engines-parts-units.
  • JOHN DEERE: Engines-parts-industrial units.
  • ISUZU DIESEL: Engines-parts-industrial units.
  • ALLISON: Transmission parts-units-components-electric’s.
  • KYSOR/BERGSTROM: Air conditioning units/parts.
  • SIGMA AIR CONDITIONING: Air-conditioning units/parts. 
  • KYSOR/CADILLAC: Fan clutches-engine protection systems-alarms.
  • CATALYTIC EXHAUST: Particulate filters.
  • DCW MFR: Re-manufactured diesel cylinder blocks and heads.
  • SENTINEL: Alarm mechanical systems for engines-equipment.
  • BANKS POWER: dealer for GM/Ford/Dodge performance.
  • FP DIESEL: Engine parts-pistons-bearings-liners Cat/IHC/etc.
  • REGAL: Cat/Komatsu replacement parts for engines & equipment.
  • KMP: Komatsu replacement parts for engines and equipment.
  • RACOR: Fuel/water separators & more. 
  • FLEETGUARD FILTERS: Air-oil-fuel-hydraulic-replacement filter.
  • FLEETGUARD: Rubber intake hoses-clamps-mufflers-exhaust parts.
  • FLEETGUARD: Engine block heaters-ether start-tank heaters.
  • TWIN DISC: Power take-off assemblie

If you don’t know what you need please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

Don't have a Diesel Visit -  http://www.waggonerperformance.com



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