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Sledpuller at last  

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  1. 1. Are you glad Sledpuller is here?

    • No, does he have to be everywhere truck pulling is discussed?
    • Of course, its not a Diesel truck forum of any sort without him
    • Yet another site I cant visit because hes here.
    • Annoying, but at least he knows what hes talking about, unlike 99% of the net.
    • YES! let the Ford/gasser trash bashing and oil wars begin!
    • It could be worse...COMP 461 could build a puller
    • 2005... isn't he due to get back in the seat?
    • Who is Sledpuller?

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Its my buddy! Gene!

Joe "House" Kupferschmid

1997 Dodge 3500 RC DRW 2.6 Puller

2006 Chevy 3500 CC DRW LBZ, Tow Slut

SOLD:2000 F350 harvester of sorrow


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welcome gene!!!! and there are 4 guys who dont know you.... what a shame!!

" Automatically BeCumminbroke "

95 RCLB, 4x4, Manualmatic Transmission

Special Thanks To

Dirty South Diesel, BBD Diesel, Haisley Machine, Scheid Diesel, Pure Diesel Power, Goerend Trans, Cummins Performance Parts, Isspro

2011 Updates - New Motor, New Trans, New Air, More Fuel, New Suspension = Quick Diesel

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