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This tractor has been custom built with no money spared. Built 3.5 years ago. Currently being pulled in the KY, IN, TN area in the 3,000 RPM, 10,000 lb Hot Farm class. It takes a different head and intake for the 3,000 RPM class, but will come with another head (8.1) and custom aluminum intake for OPEN RPM so you could run in many classes depending on the series. Tractor has tons of 1st and top 5’s in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. It is the only JD that beats all the IH’s and other brands in this area. Just won this past Jan the Ky Invitational 2018 Fri night. Lots of other big pulls won with big competition. We currently only pull 5-7 times a season, which is why I’m selling it. If it were pulled on a consistent basis, it could be a championship winner. It has a JD 8.1 de-cubed 470 cubic inch engine by Riverside Engines with every internal part custom machined to the max (has been girdled). The engine combinations for the 3,000 or OPEN RPM setup are confidential until purchased. No one knows the setup it has except me and the engine builder. This tractor has and will also come with another 8.1 custom head with all the machine work that can possibly be done, no money spared, girdled head and aluminum intake for OPEN RPM class if you prefer. It has CDS P7100 pump, 3x5 Hart’s custom-built turbo by Brandon Hart. Billet injectors with all heavy custom lines. External oil pump, external oil filter/screen system, Simpson automatic water injection system, and custom fuel pump--all run off a belt on the front of the engine. Electric water pump, aluminum radiator with electric fan, custom harmonic balancer, aluminum oil pan with heater. Atwood brake system. Beckert 3 speed transmission with a 4430 case, all custom, needled 4430 rear end. BRAND NEW Rursch clutch. Scatter blanket and engine cable tie down. Bolt on Acu Feed Cage, removable steering wheel, Ace shifter and throttle, Haslag hitch, tie bars, wheelie bars, front skis and fenders. All custom made, aluminum, sheet metal 4255 body style, with a show car paint job done by Gary Taylor at Unique Auto Body. Has polished aluminum, 5-gallon water tank, and polished aluminum 6-gallon fuel tank. Firestone 20.8, 23-degree, 25% non-cut tires AND you also get LIKE NEW JUST CUT Firestone double cut radial tires. Both on steel 10 bolt wheels with weld on hubs. 9.50-15 4 rib front tires on aluminum wheels. Manual rack and pinion steering. Auto meter Phantom gauges, Longacre switch panel, aluminum dash. 6” custom stack and 5” indoor pulling tube. Indoor front hitch. Belly bar brackets, comes will full JD weights and tons of extras if needed. Lower chrome oil pan and under part covers. Also throwing in a 2015 plug in, computerized data logger/RPM reader. This tractor meets all safety standards for any series and has just fully been safety teched and approved last week. Tractor is balanced, proven and ready to hook. Very easy to prepare for each pull. Weighs about 8,000 pounds bare. Stack of DYNO sheets and lots of R & D have gone into this JD until it made its maximum horsepower. Built to win, just need more pulls by someone who has time to pull it. Tons of extra parts, too much to mention. Well over $80K invested. Will let it all go for $50,000. Serious inquires with money only. No trades or payments. 502-229-7186. I do not text. FOR MORE PHOTOS OF TRACTOR AND ENCLOSED HAULER FOR IT GO TO WWW.STIGERSTRUCKS.COM CLICK ON OTHER AND JOHN DEERE. ALSO—BRAND NEW 2018 Enclosed Millennium Trailer also available and advertised on here in Trailer section. $80,000 for the pair.


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