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Indiana & Ohio to Florida enclosed transport now (no replies)

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June 4th

Room from Indiana to Ohio to Florida for another vehicle or ?

Planning to leave around 11:00 am after dropping off a vehicle in Waynetown, Indiana

Heading to Monroeville, Ohio to pick up another vehicle ...

Then down to Jacksonville, Florida to drop off that vehicle ...

Continuing down to Plantation, Florida to pick up another vehicle ...

Then back up to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up another vehicle ...

FULL to Toledo, Ohio where I am dropping off ...

Room for another vehicle or ? from Toledo, Ohio to Cedar Rapids, Iowa ....

EMPTY in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ...

Would like to go to the Northeast where I have vehicles waiting
to be transported out of Connecticut & Massachusetts going to
Pennsylvania & Florida ....

Call or text if you live in the lower 48 states
Otherwise PM or email me

Thanks !



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