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It’s been all Powerstroke around the shop the past couple of weeks. 2012 6.7 Pow…

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It’s been all Powerstroke around the shop the past couple of weeks. 2012 6.7 Powerstroke came in with an engine knock. After determining a rod failure, it left with a new long block. The fun didn’t stop there! We also added a set of Exergy Performance 45% over fuel injectors fed by their 10mm CP4.2 injection pump and a beautiful Maryland Performance Diesel 66mm turbo/piping kit powdered in illusion blueberry. The white truck also received a new long block after dropping a connecting rod or two on the ground. This one was already equipped with a BD Diesel Performance turbo/piping kit, dual fueler, and we threw in a set of slightly bigger injectors while it was apart. #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #exergy #MPD #BDdiesel #ARP #6point7 #powerstroke



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