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***STOLEN*** Saturday night in Murfreesboro, Mike had his jacket taken by an un…

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Saturday night in Murfreesboro, Mike had his jacket taken by an unknown subject. It had been draped on the stool that I sat on for most of the night. The jacket is a duplicate of the one in the pictures attached to this post—except with the name Mike.

It’s a very specific jacket, so it was clearly taken on purpose. Unless by some astronomical odds, there was another Mike Murray in attendance who is also a part of Let’s Go Pulling…

If you’re the person that took the jacket, Mike and I will be in Louisville for the National Farm Machinery Show next week. We would be glad to talk to you in person about your obvious desire to be part of our team. But somehow I doubt you want to be stuck behind a camera all night, so you can just ship it to us.

A 2019 Southern Invitational DVD to whomever returns the jacket to its rightful owner.


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