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High-Rev Technology

Contact us to find out about Tribodyn Lubricants!Here at Tribodyn we strive to u…

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Contact us to find out about Tribodyn Lubricants!

Here at Tribodyn we strive to uphold the highest standard in providing the industry with advanced lubrication technology unmatched by anything else on the market today.

TriboDyn’s Patented Technology is engineered to:

-Reduce friction and wear
-Outperform under extreme pressure and heat
-Prevent galling as well as micro welding
-Handle temperatures well over 2100°F(1150°C)
-Carry loads up to 350,000psi and at times not only reduce or eliminate wear but can also repair pitted, scared or damaged surfaces.

If you’re in the racing or performance industry you know these things matter most.

Having the peace of mind that the lubrication you’re using has been proven to be the best is a winning finish in itself.


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