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Gregg (‘Whitey’) Refalko from Natrona Heights, PA and Kevin Haas from Sarver hav…

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Gregg (‘Whitey’) Refalko from Natrona Heights, PA and Kevin Haas from Sarver have acquired a new and powerful 1989 Mack with a E9 Mack V-8 under the hood. Fans will remember this truck from the old Pro Stock Semi days even before USA-EAST existed. It was owned by the Rocco Brothers from Apollo and was maintained by former Big Rigs champion, Mark Riggle. This was one of the top single charger PS Semis of that time. The truck is being prepped for the opening leg of the PA POSSE class on May 25 at Expo Speedway at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. BOTH the Big Rigs and the Posse will open the 2019 season at this venue on the same night. If you are a semi truck fan …. you will not want to miss this!!



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