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hey everybody my names Josh Williams, im from NE Iowa. Im currently in the US Army and am proud to be an Infantryman!! Iv been in for almost 3 years now but im getting out next june and planning on moving back to Iowa and continuing the family tradition of farming with my dad and grandpa. I got the pulling bug when i was in High school hooking trucks up to the sled. Saddly i had to sell my 03 Duramax before i got home from Iraq in Aug. But i have something to look forward to by selling it!! My wife and i are going to be having our 1st kid in Jan!! so thats something i was willing to give up to make sure my little girls gunna have everything she needs! but im getting another diesel in a year or so when we pay off my wifes Equinox we just got! im thinking about getting a cummins but my whole family are HUGE Chevy guys and so am i but id really like to try out the cummins!! if anybodys got any advise on what year dodge i should look into getting for pulling and what i need to do to it to make sure im set up right to win!! just let me know!! Id really appreciate it guys!! Thanks in advance!!

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cant wait to get another diesel!! i miss my baby!



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