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Guest DieselMinded

Lucas Oil Pro Stock Pulling Rules

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Guest DieselMinded

Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks

1. Maximum weight is 6200#

2. Cubic Inch maximum permitted is 485.

3. All engines must retain stock bore spacing. OEM is defined as available by the original equipment manufacture on mass produced vehicles. Aluminium cylinder heads permitted, must retain stock intake port configuration of OEM and accept OEM intake manifolds. No NHRA, IHRA or drag type pro-stock heads permitted. Except Fords will be allowed “A” type of cylinder heads or their replicas and Dodge will be permitted “B-1” type cylinder heads or their replicas.

4. Aluminium Blocks permitted.

5. Single naturally aspirated carburetors only with no splits or tunnel rams allowed.

6. All exhaust must exit vertical up thru the hood.

7. Wheelbase – 134” maximum, sheet metal must conform to wheelbase. Fiberglass bodies permitted

8. Any make engine allowed with any body.

9. Hitch Height – 26” maximum, before, during and after the pull and must be rigid in all directions.

10. .Rear of block must be at least 12” behind the center front axle tube.

11. .Drive train will consist of the following: Any front axle, any transfer case, any rear axle. No planetaries permitted.

12. .OEM frame rails only permitted.

13. Totally enclosed bell housings are required and must meet SFI spec. 6.1 or better.

14. Tire maximum 31x15.5x15. Street legal tires may run in this class, maximum is 16.5x12x35. Maximum measured outside corner to outside corner.

15. No mud flaps or dirt deflectors allowed.

16. All other rules may be found in 4x4 Pro Modified Truck section.

17. All questions concerning engine legality must be approved by PPL tech committee.

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