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I've never hooked up to a sled in my life but love the older fords and have used them for years to pull my wood trailer and car trailer.


Anyhow I recently bought a 79 F250 4x4 with dana 60's front and rear with granny gear. It has the factory 3.54 gear ratio. My sons are 6 and 10 and want me to run in the local truck pull at the fair next year and I was wondering if I should run it with low lock and use granny gear or 2nd gear in low lock or if I should run in high lock with granny or 2nd? This may sound like a dumb question to you guys but like I said I've never hooked up to a sled and am wanting to try it out with this old ford.


Also I'm thinking I should run a 33'' tire, Sound right to you guys?



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I run Chevrolet, but If I were you I would try 1st high range or 2nd low range.


If it is a light sled at the hook stick to the higher gear.


If it is a heavy sled to start with try 2nd low range.


If unsure, just keep it in 2nd low range & give it a whirl.

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